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After FBI Accused of Biden Cover-Up – A New Report from Elon Musk Blows the Doors Wide Open

What’s Happening:

Ever since 2020, millions of Americans have suspected the federal government’s involvement in the Hunter Biden cover-up. When news came out that a laptop belonging to Hunter was found, revealing all kinds of shocking revelations, the MSM quickly tried to bury it.

Whistleblowers claimed that the FBI had a direct role in protecting then-candidate Joe Biden from the bombshell news. But the federal agency has refused to cop to what it might have done to interfere in the 2020 Election. But now, another Twitter dump, care of Elon Musk, is blasting the bureau.

From Fox News:

Independent writer Michael Shellenberger released part 7 of the “Twitter Files” on Monday, delving into how the FBI and intelligence community “discredited factual information about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.” […]

We have discovered new info that points to an organized effort by the intel community to influence Twitter & other platforms.”

These “Twitter Files” reports have been revealing all kinds of shocking things. Most of which has shattered the left’s reputation. In the latest dump, Michael Shellenberger reported that the FBI was extensively involved in covering up Hunter Biden’s misdeeds before and after the laptop story broke.

Way back in 2019, when the laptop was discovered, the FBI was on hand to confiscate the computer and make sure its contents never see the light of day. The story still reaches the New York Post through Rudy Giuliani. As it comes out, the FBI is already working with Twitter to silence the news, calling it “disinformation.”

We already knew that the FBI never intended to investigate the evidence from the laptop. The FBI took the computer, it seems, to simply bury the story. Whistleblowers revealed that top FBI brass said they refused to investigate it, despite evidence that Hunter broke the law because they did not want to influence the election.

Meaning, the FBI refused to investigate evidence of serious crimes, because they were trying to help Joe Biden get elected.

When the story came out anyway, the FBI was coercing numerous media and social media platforms to cover up the story. The only reason we know this actually when on is because Elon Musk has released the internal communications between top FBI officials and former executives at Twitter.

For years, Donald Trump and his supporters have been called “insurrectionists” for simply asking questions about Hunter Biden and his father. Democrats have claimed accusing Hunter Biden of anything made you a Russian operative. But, all along, the left knowingly suppressed this story and the First Amendment rights of countless Americans.

When are they going to be held accountable?

Key Takeaways:

  • The Twitter Files 7 revealed the FBI was coercing media outlets to cover up the Hunter Biden story.
  • The agency took the laptop with no intention of investigating the evidence.
  • Internal documents revealed top FBI agents compelled Twitter and others to bury the story, to protect Joe Biden.

Source: Fox News, Twitter

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