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Secret Service Just Betrayed President Biden – They Are Preparing to Release Joe’s Delaware Visitor List

What’s Happening:

Republicans were shocked when, after asking for a log of those who visit Joe Biden in Delaware, the White House claimed they kept no records. This is the President of the United States, mind you. He’s spent nearly 40% of his time in office at this private residence. The American people deserve to know who is seeing him, especially in light of the many accusations of corruption coming out on this family.

But it looks like the White House was caught in its own lie. It told Congress it couldn’t have a list of names of Biden’s visitors–because they didn’t keep a log. But that doesn’t appear to be true, not by a long shot. And now, the Secret Service is blowing the whistle on old Joe.

From Fox News:

The U.S. Secret Service is prepared to offer names of individuals who visited President Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home if requested by Congress, Fox News has learned.

The White House continues to insist that there exists no formal visitor log for the personal residence where two troves of classified documents were found.

While the White House has not kept a formal list, the Secret Service does collect information on guests with regular access to the home.

This is some hot b-s coming from the Biden administration. They claimed up and down that the administration kept no “formal” log of the people who visit Joe at his Delaware home. However, the Secret Service just admitted it does collect information on the guests who go to the house.

So… the White House was telling a bald-faced lie, yes? The Secret Service is a part of the administration, isn’t it? And as a security force that is supposed to protect Biden and his staff, how could they not keep information on the people who have access to Biden’s home?

That would be a gross violation of their duty, right? So, that information serves as a log of the people seeing Joe at his Delaware home. It’s pretty despicable that the White House tried to weasel out of the House’s request with such an obvious fabrication.

Republicans should move very fast to request this information from the Secret Service. The agency has said it would comply with requests, but who knows what Biden might try to do to prevent Republicans from seeing who was going there?

Many worry Biden’s spent so much time at that home to get around transparency. It would be hard to hide from the public visitors at the White House. But at his home in Delaware? Why not!? Ethical concerns have been raised against this administration for a long time, including how Hunter Biden was selling “art” to anonymous buyers.

Now, Republicans fear that the classified documents kept at this home could have fallen into the wrong hands. Perhaps we will finally get some answers on this crooked family?

Key Takeaways:

  • The Secret Service revealed it did have information on the people who visited Biden’s Delaware home.
  • The White House previously claimed it did not have a list of these people.
  • Biden has spent 40% of his time in office at this home, raising concerns about who he was entertaining.

Source: Fox News

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