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After Avoiding Criminal Charges For Violating US Constitution, Adam Schiff Whines About Being Kicked Off Intel Committee

Twitter CEO Elon Musk showed Dem Rep Adam Schiff clearly violated the US Constitution when his office intervened to censor American citizens’ most sacred right, the right to free speech.

Rather than beg forgiveness and hire a lawyer to prepare for a criminal trial, Schiff is whining about being kicked off the Intelligence Committee. We know Schiff leaked and lied while on the committee, we know he violated the Constitution by suppressing speech, and after all that Kevin McCarthy will allow Adam to serve on the Judicial Committee, but not the Intel Committee as Kevin believes Schiff is a national security risk.

You would think Adfam would appreciate this, but no, he is complaining about being removed from his coveted position on the Intel Committee. Schiff said:

“His objection seems to be that I was the lead impeachment manager in Donald Trump’s first impeachment and that we held him accountable for withholding hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid from Ukraine in order to try to extort that country into helping his political campaign.

“I think it’s just another body blow to the institution of Congress, that he’s behaving this way, but it shows just how weak he is as a Speaker that he has to give in to the most extreme elements of his conference, in this case the Marjorie Taylor Greenes and Paul Gosars,” he added.

McCarthy said:

“This is not anything political.

“This is not similar to what the Democrats did. When Eric Swalwell would be in the private sector and can’t get the security clearance there, we are not gonna provide him with the secrets to America.”

McCarthy said in a letter officially booting Schiff and Swalwell:

“But I cannot put partisan loyalty ahead of the national security, and I cannot simply recognize years of service as the sole criteria for membership to this essential committee. Integrity matters more.

“The misuse of this panel during the 116th and 117th Congresses severely undermined its primary national security and oversight missions – ultimately leaving our nation less safe.”

​​“In order to maintain a standard worthy of this committee’s responsibilities, I am hereby rejecting the appointments of Representative Adam Schiff and Representative Eric Swalwell to serve on the Intelligence Committee,” McCarthy said.




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