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Biden Makes 2 Jaw-Dropping Errors on Live TV – The President’s Brain Crashes, Then He Promises Higher Taxes

What’s Happening:

At this point, nobody should be saying Biden’s fit to lead. He wasn’t fit in 2020 and he damn sure won’t be fit by 2024. Every day we see more evidence of his mental breakdown. We don’t know how the White House is keeping him together. But we can say one thing’s for sure, the man is hardly the one in charge.

He recently attended an event in Virginia. With an election around the corner, his team can’t keep him hidden, after all. But despite having a teleprompter and all his words written out for him, Biden just couldn’t keep it together. In fact, at one point, he almost admitted he was falling apart.

Um, is this a joke? Has this been one big SNL skit? After failing to read from the teleprompter basic numbers, Biden makes a face as if he was acknowledging his own weakness. No, Joe don’t you dare make it seem like it’s the teleprompter’s fault.

You are the one who is too old to do this job. Joe can’t even read a simple speech. How can we trust him to make important decisions on the economy? Oh, and speaking of the economy, he is Joe making a promise we know he’ll keep.

Uh… did he mean to say that? I know Democrats are basically communists at this point, but did his handlers intend for him to admit he was going to raise taxes? And don’t be fooled, he isn’t going to raise “some” taxes. He’s going to raise everyone’s taxes.

What’s shocking is… he’s already raised taxes! Through the roof! And he’s promising to do it again? Are Democrat voters this dumb that they’d approve of a president promising to keep raising taxes?

Biden and his goons always say they’ll raise taxes just on the wealthy. But that’s a lie. They are the wealthy. Why would they raise taxes on themselves? Whenever Democrats raises taxes, it always hurts small businesses, the middle class, and working-class families. Biden gives rich liberals loopholes to get out of paying taxes.

The only way we can make sure he can’t raise taxes, is to make sure he’s gone in 2024.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden fumbled repeatedly during a speech in Virginia.
  • He failed miserably trying to read a few numbers off the teleprompter.
  • He followed that up by admitting he was going to raise taxes, again.

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