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Chicago Carjacker Tries To Steal Stick Shift Car, Gets Busted Because He Can’t Drive It

A Chicago carjacker got busted when he picked the wrong car to steal. Andrew Moran, 25, can’t drive stick shift but the car he jacked had a manual transmission. The thug tried to drive away but couldn’t get the car to work so he bailed and fled on foot.

But the moron kept the keys to the car he left behind. The keys had an AirTag attached making it easy for the police to track him down. Which they did in short order.

Moran knocked on the victim’s driver’s side door as she sat in the parking lot. With his left hand in his jacket as if he had a gun, he ordered the woman out of the car. Believing he had a gun she exited her vehicle and called the police as the thief tried to make his getaway.

But the car sputtered and stopped and jerked forward as Moran fought with the stick shift.

When he heard the screaming police sirens he bailed on the car and took off running.

They tracked him using the AirTag and when they got him he did not go down easy. He spit in a cop’s face and kicked another during his arrest and at the police station.

He was charged with vehicular hijacking and aggravated battery of peace officers. He was ordered to pay a $15,000 bail deposit to be released on electronic monitoring.






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