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Top Democrat Panics Over Zombie Nightmare – Chuck Schumer Sounds the Alarm on Border-Crossing Drug

What’s Happening:

For years now, Democrats have ignored pleas from Republicans over the exploding border crisis. It’s shocking to think Democrats have refused to acknowledge Biden’s massive failure over this issue. Democrats turned a deaf ear as deadly fentanyl poured into our country. They did nothing as folks in border communities and red states were dying needlessly.

One of those Democrats is New York’s Chuck Schumer. The liberal Senate leader has done nothing as millions of migrants flooded Texas and parts beyond. He said nothing as this poison threatened the lives of Americans. But now, an even worse drug is reaching all corners of the country. And Schumer is in panic mode.

From Fox News:

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. held a press conference in Manhattan Sunday to warn about “a deadly, skin-rotting zombie drug” that could make the scourge of fentanyl alone seem “tame.”

“It’s a deadly, skin-rotting zombie drug that evil drug dealers are now mixing with fentanyl… already bringing a horrific wave of death and overdose to upstate New York, and it’s on its way to New York City and Long Island where we’ve already seen it begin to rear its ugly head.”

“China mainly sends it to Mexico, and it comes across the border. And that’s why we need the DEA involved heavily,” he said.

Unbelievable. Schumer ignored warnings for Republican governors and lawmakers, as fentanyl poured into our country through Biden’s open border with Mexico. Now, as we predicted, it’s gotten much worse, as a new drug from China is coming through the Mexico border.

According to the DEA, xylazine is being mixed with fentanyl and other illegal drugs to create a horrifically deadly cocktail. As Schumer reported himself, this combination rots the skin and “can eat away at your bones.” It can lead to leg amputation.

Schumer is raising the alarm at the sudden uptick of overdoses, due to this drug. Huh, funny how he’s only now talking about this problem, after ignoring the rise in cartel activity in recent years. Border town officials blew the whistle on this long ago. They’ve warned the country that drug cartels are running the border, thanks to Biden’s inaction.

Yet, even though Schumer is now suddenly worried about this problem, what do you think his solution is? More government spending! He is calling on the DEA to send large teams of investigators and chemists to New York to help stop the spread of this drug.

Not once did Schumer point out that this drug is coming over the border. And that the border needs to be closed, if we are to save our people. This is the same Democrat who admitted his party is trying to replace Americans with illegals. So, of course, he won’t recommend the one thing that will end this scourge.

Talk about hypocrisy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrat Chuck Schumer is warning about a new drug killing people in NYC.
  • This “zombie” drug is being brought over from China, through Mexico.
  • Schumer ignored the growing drug problem over the border for years.

Source: Fox News

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