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After Trump Campaign Gets ‘Blurred’ by MSM – They Get Hit with ‘Criminal’ Accusation

What’s Happening:

You may not know this, but networks have to air campaign ads, regardless of the party. Even liberal-leaning outlets have to allow candidates to run their ads. On top of that, networks can’t censor candidates. Crazy to think, I know, given how biased our media is.

But it appears Good Morning America violated these standards recently. The show went out of its way to blur Trump’s podium. Why did they do this? To prevent users from seeing the number they can text to support Trump’s campaign.


The podium had a sign that read, “TEXT TRUMP to 88022.” Text is a very common way political campaigns keep in touch with supporters. It is also how voters can easily send donations to campaigns. Some are accusing GMA of violating FEC rules and–thereby–the law because they did this.

How did the network respond? Not well.

From The Daily Beast:

A network source told The Daily Beast that the blurred podium was attributable to a “misunderstanding.” Nevertheless, many conservatives saw the incident as an example of media bias against the twice-impeached and now indicted former president.

Uh, a misunderstanding? Of what? Candidates like Trump, Biden, Clinton, and Obama have put these messages on their podiums. This has been common practice for years, something ABC and Good Morning America’s producers know full well.

What “misunderstanding” would have led them to intentionally blur that number, so viewers wouldn’t see it? Perhaps the “misunderstanding” that ABC is a biased, liberal network that is going out of its way to undermine the top Republican candidate?

Yeah, I guess we all just “misunderstood” that ABC is run by Democrats who in no way intended to help Trump. ABC, along with most mainstream networks, is heavily biased. The fact that they are now blurring Trump’s text number is just the next step in these outlets to shut down the free speech of conservatives.

Why would they help viewers connect with a man they hate? But is this a violation of the law? I guess the FEC would have to make that call. We should just assume that, unless the law stops them, the liberal media will do everything and anything to prevent Trump from winning 2024.

Key Takeaways:

  • ABC blurred out Trump’s campaign number while airing footage of his speech.
  • The network claimed it was a “misunderstanding” but refused to explain how.
  • This censoring could be a violation of law, as conservatives call on the FEC to investigate.

Source: Twitter, The Daily Beast

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