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Hillary Clinton Makes Joe Biden Nervous With 2024 Comments: ‘I Feel Like I Could Do The Job’

Hillary Clinton can’t help herself and took a few swipes at former President Donald Trump on Sky News where she also made a comment about her ability to do Biden’s job.

Interviewer Beth Rigby said, “Next year, America goes to the polls. Donald Trump is running for president while under criminal indictment. This, the man who back in 2016 consistently accused you of law-breaking and actively encouraged chats of ‘lock her up,’ directed at you. It’s pretty ironic, isn’t it, that he’s now a former president that could face a jail term. How does it make you feel?”

Hillary said: “Well, I always thought about him, and if you follow him, I think you can see it as well, he accuses people of doing things he himself is doing. It’s a form of psychological projection.

“And I always thought that his record in business in particular, but then as we saw him in politics and government, he was someone who cared nothing about rules. He cared nothing about the law.

“So, he has been indicted, and there may be others as well, but he has said he is going to keep running and there’s nothing in our current system of laws that would prevent him from running.

“But even if he gets the Republican nomination, he cannot, in my view, be re-elected president.”

“Why can’t he be re-elected?” Rigby asked

Hillary said: “I think people are more people are onto him and his behavior than they were before.

“He has a hardcore of support that is likely to help him win the Republican nomination. But in a general election against President Biden, I do not believe he can win.”

She also said she thinks Biden beats Ron DeSantis in a head to head race.

Hillary said:

“Nobody really outside of Florida knows very much about him, and in Florida, they’re watching him do crazy things.

“So I actually believe that President Biden will be re-elected regardless of who the Republican nominee is.”

She also made Joe Biden nervous when discussing his age. She said:

“I feel like I could do the job.

“I’m in my mid-70s. I think it really should be a matter of what he has done as president.”

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