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Whoopi Goldberg Makes Head-Turning Bible Claim – She Just Suggested God is “Clear” About Trans Kids

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Once again, the screeching harpies on The View are telling Americans what to think. I don’t know why anyone takes these washed-up celebrities seriously. But somebody on ABC likes these old crones, so they still have a show.

Former actress Whoopi Goldberg really dropped a bomb recently. She is already in hot water for insulting Holocaust victims recently. But, just like everyone on the left these days, she tried to defend the mutilation of young children in the name of transgenderism. But old Whoopi went further than perhaps anyone else with her “argument.”

From Daily Wire:

Whoopi Goldberg suggested on Thursday that the Bible would support parents having the right to subject their minor children to sex reassignment surgeries…

“So what is — I can’t decide what my kid reads, I can’t decide for my child, what my child says is going on,” Goldberg continued. “You’re telling me your beliefs — you’re — and they keep saying it, and I keep saying, ‘What Bible are you reading? Because God was really clear!’”

Goldberg did not explain what exactly God had been “really clear” about, but Hostin voiced her agreement.

Uh… what? Goldberg and her other braindead hosts were distorting the facts over states banning transgender procedures for minors. Goldberg, parroting the left’s false term, called it “gender-affirming” care. In reality, minors are subjected to drugs that block their natural hormones and surgeries that remove or alter parts of their body.

It is inhumane and utterly diabolical. But the left is fully supportive of it because they foolishly consider transgenders a “marginalized minority group.”

But Goldberg really laid a goose egg when she claimed that the Bible, somehow supporters transgender surgeries on minors. She even said God “was really clear” about supporting something that didn’t exist thousands of years ago.

As a Christian and Bible teacher, I can tell you that the Bible in no way supports the left’s attempts at forcing transgenderism onto children. That is one of the reasons radical transgender activists consider Bible-believing Christians to be a threat (and have shot up Christian schools).

But never let it be said that Whoopi let facts cloud her self-righteous stupidity. The View is great… if you want to watch aging women let their emotions trump common sense. She didn’t even bother to explain what she meant, confident that nobody else on that pointless show would challenge her.

Good enough reason to spend more time reading the Bible and blocking ABC.

Key Takeaways:

  • Whoopi Goldberg claimed the Bible supports transgender procedures for minors.
  • The former actress made the wild claim during a segment on The View.
  • She did not back her claim with any explanation or Bible reference.

Source: Daily Wire

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