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Biden’s Pricey Border Project Spills Out – Taxpayers Are Spending Millions for Border Crossers to Get Smartphones

What’s Happening:

We are seeing a new surge of illegals at the border. But don’t be fooled, Biden has been welcoming illegal aliens since day one. He has disregarded U.S. immigration law to open the border to anyone willing to cross over. It is a border crisis that is destroying not only border communities, but every corner of the country.

Don’t believe Biden is putting aliens ahead of Americans? Well, he’s spending your tax dollars to make this dream come true. New reports are coming out revealing what Biden is rewarding illegal aliens with. And you’re paying for it.

From ABC News 4:

In a costly endeavor, President Joe Biden’s administration has reportedly issued over 300,000 smartphones to noncitizens who have migrated to the United States…

‘s all a part of the “Alternatives to Detention Program (ATD).” The smartphones cost taxpayers $361,218.08 per day, according to ICE


Instead of deporting people who illegally cross over, Biden is letting them stay. And, on top of that, he’s giving them free smartphones. Are you kidding me? Actual American citizens have to scrimp and save to afford a smartphone and cell service.

But someone can just break our immigration laws, claim they are a refugee, and get a free smartphone?

Biden claims these phones are for tracking these asylum claimants. Give me a break. All that these migrants hear is, “If you ignore U.S. immigration laws and jump the border, they’ll give you a free phone!” All care of the American taxpayer.

Who is Biden trying to fool? At every turn, he seems to be putting Americans dead last. He puts Ukraine first, China first, Iran first, Mexico first, and even illegal aliens.

Americans get to put up with inflation, high taxes, rising crime, homelessness, and job competition from illegals.

Wasn’t Biden supposed to “build back better”? I guess he is, for everyone but Americans.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden is giving out smartphones to illegal aliens who jump the border.
  • The phones are costing U.S. taxpayers $300,000 a day.
  • This comes as Biden refuses to enforce our border laws, triggering a massive crisis.

Source: ABC News 4

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