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Legendary Car Company Goes Ultra-Woke – And It’s Even Worse Than Bud Light

What’s Happening:

I think it’s about time conservatives admit one thing: corporate America is not on their side. Over the years, younger executives have taken over major U.S. companies. And they have installed radical, left-wing ideology in once politically-neutral businesses.

And it’s only getting worse.

Everything from soda to shaving cream has become “woke.” But they really broke the camel’s back when Bud Light embraced transgenderism. The company is losing big time because its target consumer base was mostly conservative. Now, another company that has long relied on patriotic customers is taking a wild left turn. This will surely cost them.

From Not the Bee:

Ford goes full-Bud Light, releases two ads “redefining tough” using rainbow imagery to promote homosexuality and transgenderism…

We told you nearly two years ago now about Ford’s “Very Gay” Raptor, but here’s a new ad Ford is pushing to show how proud they are of their activism on behalf of the rainbow brigade…



Once patriotic and conservative Ford Motors is now jumping on the far-left, gay and transgender bandwagon. The company released two ads “redefining tough” in an obvious pandering to the gay and transgender community.

Ford’s entire customer base is straight men who buy F-150s. Their brand was that they made the toughest, most reliable trucks for construction workers, farmers, and everyday men. But now, they are torching decades of goodwill to drink the fairy Kool-Aid.

Talk about shooting yourself in the head! Ford does know there are better trucks on the market, right? Ford F-150s are notorious for falling apart after only a few years. Ford’s entire business model is “planned obsolescence” where their trucks are designed to break down, forcing owners to pay for expensive repairs.

Meanwhile, Toyota and other car makers are eating Ford’s lunch by making trucks that don’t fall apart after hitting 20,000 miles.

So, it seems, Ford decided to abandon their loyal customer base to win over gay car buyers. Because, as we all know, gay men love nothing more than driving around in a pickup truck. What the heck was Ford thinking? Especially considering how badly Bud Light is doing.

It’s even easier to boycott Ford trucks since they already cost more than most people’s yearly salaries. Ford is insulting millions of loyal, patriotic customers to pander to a very small market–who won’t even buy their trucks.

I hope it was worth it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ford went woke, releasing two pro-gay and transgender ads.
  • The ads are “redefining touch” and feature one of their pickup trucks painted in the rainbow flag.
  • This comes as Bud Light loses billions after “going woke.”

Source: Not the Bee

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