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Republicans Just Gave Blinken a Warning: Turn Over Key Evidence, Or Face Congress Ultimatum

What’s Happening:

When someone gives you an ultimatum, you know they mean business.  Politicians on Capitol Hill often wait months or years on requests, so when they start issuing ultimatums, fireworks are about to start.

And now the GOP is firing off an ultimatum at one of Biden’s appointees for refusing to submit evidence, which can be charged as a criminal act.

If he still refuses, he will face a huge charge. And this threat is the last thing the Biden administration needs right now. From The Daily Wire:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken could face a contempt of Congress charge from House Republicans as soon as May 24 after refusing to turn over a key document warning U.S. officials about a deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan before withdrawing in August 2021.[…]

Republican lawmakers said they would immediately pursue legal proceedings if Blinken missed the fourth deadline given to the official on Thursday to comply with the subpoena.

Blinken has had plenty of time to hand over the evidence. He couldn’t possibly have lost it. So why wouldn’t he? Did he believe he could get away with it?

The Biden administration claims to be transparent. In reality, it’s been anything but.

Blinken first began as Biden’s foreign policy advisor before becoming Secretary of State. That’s a ton of political responsibility, and  the GOP is right in trying to hold him accountable.

The Afghanistan debacle was ridiculous because it didn’t need to happen in the first place and Blinken could have easily prevented it. But it makes the administration look bad, and they can’t have that. So the GOP has taken it upon itself to gain the political transparency they refuse to have.

Key Takeaways:

  • Secretary of State Anthony Blinken faces a contempt of Congress charge if he refuses to hand over evidence.
  • He has a key document that warned U.S. officials of the withdrawal situation in Afghanistan.
  • Since the Biden administration will not hold him accountable, the GOP is attempting to do it.

Source: The Daily Wire

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