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DeSantis Goes to War Over New Durham Report – Even Trump Floored by Ron’s Response

What’s Happening:

The D.C. swamp is reeling from the final report from Special Counsel John Durham. In it, Durham exposes the FBI for its part in the Russian collusion hoax. The FBI knew early on that claims Trump was working with Russia were false. There was no credible evidence to support it.

But the FBI went ahead and investigated Trump, giving the media ammunition to undermine his presidency.

Americans from all walks of life are understandably outraged. The Democrats used the FBI to push their political agenda. One of Trump’s top rivals is speaking out on this news. And perhaps Trump wasn’t expecting this kind of response.

From Daily Wire:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis slammed federal law enforcement officials on Monday who were involved in the FBI’s 2016 investigation into alleged Trump-Russia collusion, saying that “manufactured a false conspiracy theory” to take down Trump.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blasted the politically-compromised FBI over the results of the Durham probe. He accused Democrats of weaponizing federal agencies to produce a “false conspiracy theory” about Donald Trump.

The Florida Republican then called for these D.C. agencies to “clean house” and hold top officials accountable for what they did.

Perhaps some voters are surprised to hear Ron DeSantis come to bat for Trump. Most people believe DeSantis will announce his own 2024 campaign in the coming weeks. And for his part, Trump has not stopped slamming DeSantis and his successful leadership of Florida.

This should tell you just how shocking and egregious it is for the FBI to do this. Democrats in high places have abused their power to protect their party. Even now, they are ignoring real evidence of wrongdoing by Biden and his family. Yet, they went out of their way to investigate Trump, when there was no evidence to go on.

The fact remains, this kind of violation will continue, if nothing is done. Democrats will keep abusing their power, so long as we keep giving it to them. Nothing will change in the DOJ or the FBI, unless Americans vote these people out of power.

But will enough Americans get sick and tired of his corruption to actually do it?

Key Takeaways:

  • Ron DeSantis blasted the federal government over the results of the Durham Report.
  • John Durham revealed the FBI knew the Russian accusations against Trump were false.
  • DeSantis called for leaders to “clean house” at federal agencies who abuse their power.

Source: Daily Wire

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