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7 Years After Obama Commuted His Life Sentence, Man Shoots And Severely Wounds Woman On Chicago Highway

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Alton Mills, the 54-year-old man whose federal life sentence was commuted by President Barack Obama in 2015, was just arrested for shooting and wounding a woman on an expressway in suburban Chicago.

Mills was held without bail by Judge Thomas Carroll. The woman Mills shot is brain-dead and not expected to survive her wounds.

After Barack gave him the break of his life, Mills worked for the Chicago Transit Authority and lent his voice to campaigns to eliminate mandatory minimum sentencing. Illinois Dem Sen. Dick Durbin pushed Barack to commute the sentence.

According to CWB Chicago:

Early Sunday morning, May 14, three friends left a nightclub in south suburban Harvey, and one of them drove the group home.

As their Ford Explorer neared the ramp to I-57, the driver pulled up behind Mills’ SUV at a red light, Assistant State’s Attorney Kathryn Morrissey said during Mills’ bail hearing this week.

Mills’ car didn’t move when the light turned green, so the Explorer’s driver pulled around and passed without screaming or honking, according to Morrissey. She said Mills sped to catch up to the Explorer, pulled up next to them, and fired shots from his driver’s window.

According to NBC:

Multiple shots were fired into the victim’s vehicle from the suspect’s vehicle, striking the back seat passenger, according to police. That person was taken to an area hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Mills, who was officially charged on Thursday, was arrested in 1993 on federal conspiracy charges as part of a crack cocaine conspiracy.

Due to two previous convictions of possession of less than five grams of crack cocaine, prosecutors filed a sentence enhancement, which led him to be sentenced to life in prison without parole.



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