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Red State GOP Smashes Democrat Governor Veto – They Just Passed 1 Powerful Law

What’s Happening:

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, many states are wisely stepping up and using their power to protect life as much as possible. Only Democrats stand in the way, standing for a globally extreme policy of abortion on demand at any time, for any reason.

And Democrats are using any tools they have to stop the GOP, including the courts and the veto pen.

In North Carolina, their Governor, Roy Cooper, dared to veto compromise legislation to limit abortions.  But he was in for a rude awakening. From The Daily Wire:

North Carolina Republicans voted to override Democratic Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of a 12-week abortion ban, using their supermajority to put the pro-life measure into law.

The law, called the “Care for Women, Children, and Families Act,” bans abortions after 12 weeks, with exceptions for rape or incest until 20 weeks and fetal abnormalities until 24 weeks.

Take that, Governor! One man tried to stand in the way of a supermajority of the people’s representatives—and this time he lost.

24 weeks for fetal abnormalities is an awful lot of latitude. And 20 weeks for rape or incest is very close to what constitutes fetal viability.

I’d say that’s a clear compromise for Democrats, who want such exceptions. But the governor tried to veto the bill anyway, just because it has restrictions on abortion.

He tried to argue that the restrictions harm women and children. Excuse me, Cooper, but babies in the womb are children, and abortion puts many women’s lives at risk.

We should also applaud these Republicans in the state house for voting in unity to override Cooper’s veto. Now that’s teamwork.

At the same time, they are not stopping there. The bill will provide millions of dollars in assistance for pregnant women, which includes childcare and foster-related care. So it’s also about supporting mothers after they give birth—not just before.

North Carolina Republicans are taking serious steps to support families. Most people agree that unconditional abortion after 24 weeks is no good at all, and abortion after 12 weeks should only be allowed in very specific circumstances. Republican House representatives are showing that they are all about putting their money where their mouth is.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democratic governor Roy Cooper vetoed a 12-week abortion ban, although it made exceptions for certain circumstances.
  • The Republican supermajority in the North Carolina House of Representatives voted together to override Cooper’s veto.
  • Their “Care for Women, Children, and Families” Act also provides assistance for pregnant women.

Source: The Daily Wire

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