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DeSantis Fires Off Memorial Day Warning – Here’s the Nation-Shaking Truth Everyone Needs to Hear

What’s Happening:

Many Americans respect Gov. Ron DeSantis for what he did in Florida. The uncompromising Republican transformed a swing state into a solid red state. Now that he is running for president, his supporters hope he’ll do the same for the entire country.

This Memorial Day, the 2024 candidate shared some thoughts from his time in the Armed Forces. DeSantis served in the Navy, post 9-11, before entering politics. But now, he is issuing a warning to Americans about what is going on in Biden’s military today.

From Fox News:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis emphasized the pressing need to “rejuvenate morale” in the U.S. military as leftist policies and ideologies are beginning to take hold…

“I see a lot of emphasis now on political ideologies, things like gender pronouns. I see a lot about things like [diversity, equity and inclusion]. And I think that that’s caused recruiting to plummet,” he explained. “I think it’s driven off a lot of warriors, and I think morale is low.” […]

“The military I see is different from the military I served in,” he explained.

Sadly, the military of today is different from the military Ron DeSantis served in. Thanks to Joe Biden and his leftist officials, the U.S. Armed Forces are more concerned with “gender pronouns” than they are protecting our nation.

Soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen are forced to learn about “inclusivity” before they can learn about defending the homeland (if they ever do learn about defending our homeland). Brave men and women are being turned off from serving in the military, because they know they will be forced to learn far-left ideologies.

DeSantis claims the current service members have “low” morale. They are not being equipped to defend our liberties, but are being lectured about how “racist” and terrible the United States is, by Democrats who seem to hate our country.

The Florida governor and 2024 candidate is warning Americans. We can’t let this leftist ideology remain in our military. But the only way to free our Armed Forces is to get rid of those leftists who want to ruin them. That requires a change in leadership from the top down.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ron DeSantis warned that “low morale” is hurting our Armed Forces.
  • The retired sailor claimed that Biden’s Pentagon is pushing a far-left ideology.
  • Young men and women are being driven away from serving in the military, due to leftist politics.

Source: Fox News

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