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Hunter’s ‘Sugar Brother’ Finally Exposed – But the Mainstream Media Is Silent on This Scandal

What’s Happening:

Democrats stick together. We know that much is true. Even when one of them is mired in endless scandals, you can count on other Democrats moving heaven and earth to protect them. That is why men like Bob Menendez can be indicted for crimes, but remain in the Senate.

Or how a man as crooked as Hunter Biden can be protected by the DOJ or IRS.

Hunter Biden has been exposed many times for shocking and unthinkable behaviors. Had he been a Republican president’s son, his dad would have already been impeached by now. But Hunter keeps getting bailed out of trouble, to protect his senile father Joe. Now we know Hunter has yet another powerful friend looking after him.

From Fox News:

As Hunter Biden claims he’s facing financial trouble amid a federal investigation into his finances and overseas business dealings, the first son has been turning to a Hollywood mega-lawyer and big-time Democratic donor for money and strategic advice…

By all accounts [Kevin Morris has] assumed an increasingly big role in the first son’s life — to the point that the wealthy lawyer has been dubbed Hunter’s “sugar brother.” That role has involved a wide range of areas — from financial support, to helping write a book, to lending a private jet.

Apparently, big donor and Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris has been supporting Hunter Biden. As Hunter’s faced endless accusations about his shady businesses, tax evasion, and other shocking crimes, Morris has been propping him up.

Morris is one of the most powerful lawyers in Hollywood, representing big names like Chris Rock, Matthew McConaughey, and the creators of South Park. But he’s also a big donor for the radical left, donating to Democrat candidates as well as the RINOs who voted to impeach Donald Trump.

And, as it turns out, Morris has been bailing Hunter Biden out. He has given Hunter cash, helped him write his “memoirs,” and even lent him a private jet.

So, Hunter Biden can allegedly break the law, have baby mamas galore, organize what could be illegal deals with foreign nations, and much worse… and get the help of a rich and powerful lawyer.

And Democrats roll their eyes when we say America has a two-tier justice system! Hunter Biden can be videoed shooting somebody and the left will go to bat for him. When men like Kevin Morris are bankrolling you, you’re immune to silly things like law and justice.

But perhaps if more Americans demand justice over what this man’s done, not even Morris can protect him.

Key Takeaways:

  • Powerful Hollywood lawyer and Democrat donor Kevin Morris has been bailing out Hunter Biden.
  • He has been giving Hunter money and letting him fly on his private jet.
  • Morris represents big celebrities and donates to many Democratic candidates.

Source: Fox News

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