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Native Americans Furious at Biden’s Latest Move – Joe’s Administration Is in Deep, Deep Trouble

What’s Happening:

You probably know all about Joe Biden’s war on American energy. Since entering office in 2021, Biden has shut down America’s energy production, banning drilling for oil and gas on federal land. That triggered an explosion of high gasoline and electricity prices that hurts us to this day.

But Biden’s not done destroying American prosperity.

The Biden administration was making plans to ban drilling on land for the next 20 years. American Indian tribes who live on that land opposed the ban and begged Joe to reconsider. Drilling for oil and gas could only help the tribes, as it brings in so much money. But powerful green lobbyists and foreign interests demand America shut down its drilling. So, guess who Biden sided with?

From Fox News:

The Biden administration is moving forward with a 20-year ban on new oil and gas leasing near an Indigenous cultural site in New Mexico despite stark opposition from Native Americans in the region…

In 2021, Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer penned a letter to President Biden, warning it would have a “devastating impact” on tribal members who have a financial interest in drilling in the area. And last year, the San Juan County, New Mexico, board of commissioners passed a resolution opposing the DOI administration proposal.

Wow. Biden is bragging about how he banned drilling on Indigenous land. Meanwhile, the Indians who actually live on that land are doomed, as this ban will deprive them of considerable wealth. Oil companies would have to go through land owned by these people–and they would have paid a pretty penny.

But with Biden banning drilling on the nearby federal land, these natives will be out of luck.

Wait a minute. I thought Democrats loved bragging about how they put minority groups first. And Democrats always claimed that native groups were opposed to drilling because it would “destroy” the land.

Is everything Democrats say a lie? These natives needed those leases. Without them, their land is all but worthless. Their own leaders petitioned Biden to not issue this ban.

But the Biden administration is being run by green lobbyists and globalists who want Americans paying through the nose for gas from the UAE. Biden cares more about foreign nations getting rich than Americans getting rich.

Par for the course for this “president.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden banned drilling near American Indian land for the next 20 years.
  • The ban was opposed by native groups, who will lose money as a result.
  • Joe Biden has long gone to war with American energy production, to the benefit of foreign powers.

Source: Fox News

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