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Republicans Nail FBI With New Ultimatum – “Pony Up” Or We’ll Unload a Surprise Punishment

What’s Happening:

For far too many years, power brokers in Washington, D.C., have escaped any criminal accountability for their lawlessness.

Americans have called out politicians for not pushing the issue and holding lawbreakers accountable for their actions. It seems there is a new attitude among a select group of politicians in D.C. these days.

And elitists who skirt the rules of Congress are looking at serious consequences. Just ask the FBI director who is facing calls for a surprising punishment.

From The Daily Wire:

“Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) suggested on Tuesday that FBI Director Christopher Wray could face jail time if he refuses to turn over the highly sought-after document alleging a $5 million foreign criminal bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden.”

“We’re gonna be holding them accountable, and this is potentially going to be a criminal charge if this guy doesn’t pony up,” Luna told (The Benny Show) host Benny Johnson on Tuesday. “It’s very possible that the director of the FBI could end up in jail.”

This ultimatum is a long time coming that could hold power-hungry bureaucrats responsible for their constant efforts to undermine Congress and the Constitution.

Take note elitists, Representative Luna is not someone to ignore. She forged her way through the election process and weathered attacks from every conceivable angle. Leftist haters did everything they could to wreck her path to Congress.

Now she sits in a position to finally get justice over the swamp rats.

Wray not delivering this alleged bribery document that Congress demanded is part of a long list of defiant acts by this power-monger. He doesn’t think anyone in Congress or the judicial branch can touch him.

Luna and fellow Republicans think otherwise. They don’t plan to stop until the truth about Biden’s corruption is clearly exposed to the world.

The House Oversight Committee has made it clear that the subpoena issued to Wray carries the force of Congress. He has thumbed his nose at this formal demand for documents one too many times.

From The Daily Wire:

“Luna signaled to Fox News the committee would begin the process to hold Wray in contempt of Congress on Thursday for ‘still conniving to shelter the Biden administration from its own sickening corruption.’”

Every time another piece of the Biden corruption conglomerate pie is served up, why does the swamp defend him so strongly? It’s as if Biden has as much damning information on all these swamp rats as they have on him.

Republicans need to use their slim House majority to keep up the legal pressure on Biden and his circle of swampy bureaucrats. One break in Biden’s protective shelter could be enough to bring down the whole house of crooked cards.

Key Takeaways:

  • Republicans set ultimatum for FBI to deliver… or else.
  • FBI director believes he can thumb his nose at Congress any time he chooses.
  • A surprise punishment is looming for the FBI director who doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of the law.

Source: The Daily Wire

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