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Dershowitz Sounds Off On Trump Charges – Reveals His 1 Red Flag for Biden’s DOJ

What’s Happening:

Attack, attack, and attack more. That is the standard of any siege designed to destroy one’s enemy.

And this is the never-ending method of liberals to destroy the 45th president of the United States.

For years the crimes of liberal politicians have been casually dismissed or outright ignored by mainstream media and the justice system. But any hint of a crime by conservatives is attacked mercilessly like it was the next holy conquest to save mankind.

Former President Donald Trump continues to battle against the leftist siege trying to destroy him. Legal scholar Alan Dershowitz is sending out a dire warning as prosecutors continue attacking Trump.

From The Daily Wire:

“What I worry about is if it becomes Turkey, or it becomes Iran, or it becomes a country where a suspicion is equivalent to conviction of guilt on one side of the political spectrum, rather than the other,” Dershowitz said in an interview on Newsmax, pointing out the danger of a legal double standard. “But the key is, you have to have one system and one standard of law enforcement.”

“If there is a certain level of evidence of serious crime against anybody on either side — whether it’s the sitting president, the son of the sitting president, the former president, the same rule has to be applicable to all of them,” he continued. “The Justice Department cannot be allowed to use its enormous power of the criminal justice system to influence political elections.”

Trump is in trouble because he won’t bow down and sit silently by as leftist prosecutors attack. He issues defiant responses in fiery displays across all mediums of the modern public square.

Dershowitz explains clearly that it is the right of any American to follow due process under the Constitution and defend against any accusations.

From The Daily Wire:

“He’s not acting like most criminal defendants,” Dershowitz said of Trump’s vehement response to rumors of his indictment. “Most of them stay quiet. And that’s why he’s gotten in trouble, but he’s exercising his constitutional rights, not only under the First Amendment, but under the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Amendment, and the Sixth Amendment.”

“He didn’t just simply roll over when prosecutors said, ‘We think you’re in trouble over possession of classified material.’ He fought back. And you’re allowed to do that,” Dershowitz noted.

President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice is at the forefront of trying to imprison Trump. The federal justice system in America today is full of biased, anti-Constitution, conservative hating prospectors who believe it is their divine destiny to destroy all who oppose liberal ideas or the corrupt federal system of government.

Trump has more notoriety and celebrity influence than anyone to fight back. The criminal charges against him in state and federal courts and the impending trials are substantial. No one should dismiss these cases as political attacks that will just fade away with yesterday’s news.

This siege against Trump is real and Americans must take notice. If the judicial system can convict and imprison a former president, how close to the “treason and death” trials of Iran is the everyday U.S. citizen?

Fighting for your rights under the Constitution should never be a crime in America.

Key Takeaways:

  • Justice system continues siege to prosecute former President Trump.
  • Dershowitz warns that America is headed the way of Turkey or Iran.
  • Every American should use their right to speak against the government.

Source: The Daily Wire

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