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MTG Goes Nuclear on Biden Scandal – After Seeing New Evidence, She Makes a Blistering Demand

What’s Happening:

For years, we’ve heard rumors about Joe Biden and his family. Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop provided ample information that convinced many that this family was up to no good. Some even call it the Biden Crime Family.

But so far, we haven’t seen enough to lead to real consequences.

House Republicans have been chasing down leads to discover the truth behind Biden’s antics. They were even able to force the FBI to show them a document that could prove Biden was involved in a bribery scheme as vice president. One of the Republicans who saw this document was Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. And this is what she has to say.

From Daily Caller:

Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said she believes President Joe Biden should be prosecuted Thursday after the FBI allowed her and other members on the House Oversight Committee to view a document detailing an informant’s criminal allegations against Biden…

Greene told the Caller that the information in the document “implicates Joe Biden in a pay-to-play scheme bribery scheme to get a prosecutor fired that was investigating Burisma where Hunter Biden sat on the board.”

Wow. MTG, one of the left’s most hated Republicans, is calling for Joe Biden to be prosecuted over what the FBI showed her. She says that the document is “extremely credible.” The Republican says that the information implicates Biden in a bribery scheme to get a prosecutor in Ukraine fired.

She even said this was an “impeachable document.” Funny how the FBI had this document for years, but never did anything about it?

MTG claims Biden “took a bribe from a foreign national” to the tune of millions of dollars. If this document is credible, why shouldn’t Republicans launch an impeachment probe? Democrats impeached Trump over a phone call.

We apparently have a document verified by the FBI. At the very least, House Republicans should open up an inquiry. At this very moment, Biden is trying to convict Trump over paperwork. Shouldn’t he be held to the very same standards?

Key Takeaways:

  • Republicans MTG claims the FBI document implicates Biden in a bribery scheme.
  • She says it has to do with Biden being bribed to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired.
  • MTG even said this document should be enough to get Joe impeached.

Source: Daily Caller

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