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Greta Thunberg Made an Eye-Opening Prediction – And Today She Found Out if She Was Right

Remember Greta Thunberg? This radical child environmentalist became famous for her lecturing at the EU and UN. Far-left political groups parading this girl around like a prophet of doom. Grown adults celebrated this child’s hateful scolding and used her as a prop to push environmental extremism.

We have heard much from Thunberg these days. Probably because she had to finish school before she could continue nagging the planet. But we remembered she once posted a prediction about the end of the world. Well, guess what? Today is the day the prediction was supposed to come true.

From Breitbart:

We had five years to stop using fossil fuels to prevent wiping out “all of humanity” from June 21st 2018, Greta Thunberg claimed in a now-deleted Tweet.

Today is the anniversary of a doomsday prediction made by Swedish climate campaigner Greta Thunberg when she was just 15 years old June 21st 2018, stating the human race had five years to end fossil fuels or face certain death


Greta Thunberg claimed, in a now-deleted tweet, that we only had five years to stop climate change which would “wipe out all of humanity.” She posted that on June 21, 2018. It’s been five years and… it doesn’t seem as if climate change has been able to wipe us all out.

Sure, climate change has been responsible for plenty of pain and hardship… in the form of extreme government oversight which has destroyed businesses and ruined land. Environmentalists have passed laws that forced us to neglect natural resources and abandon the safe cultivation of land.

That has prevented developing countries from building wealth and climbing out of poverty. And it has led to plenty of natural disasters that could have been avoided, had people been able to farm, log, and use the earth God gave us.

So, in a way, Greta was right. Climate change has been ruining human lives, but not in the way she claimed. Governments that listened to this obnoxious child have restricted the rights of their citizens and helped nations like Saudi Arabia thrive.

Maybe Greta needs to return to private life

Key Takeaways:

  • Five years ago, today, Greta predicted humanity would be wiped out by climate change.
  • In the now-deleted tweet, she claimed we only had five years to stop climate change.
  • Greta has been responsible for radical policies that crippled economies and hurt nations.

Source: Breitbart

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