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Hours After Fetterman Brags about Juneteenth – His Own Dirty Closet Swings Wide Open

What’s Happening:

Yeah, against all common sense, John Fetterman is still in the Senate. His party refuses to acknowledge the man is a walking vegetable. I guess, as long as he keeps voting the way they like, he’ll have a job.

It seems someone in his office is keeping up appearances by tweeting for him. Because Fetterman’s account posted a comment celebrating “Juneteenth” the fake holiday Joe Biden made federal. Fetterman’s account tried to jump onboard the left’s bandwagon, taking credit for the end of slavery. But folks quickly reminded Fetterman just how un-woke he really is.

From Daily Wire:

A bevy of Twitter users mocked Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) for his Juneteenth post, recalling a 2013 incident in which Fetterman pursued a black jogger with a shotgun…

The incident took place when Fetterman was still mayor of Braddock, and Fetterman claimed on WTAE television station that he had heard “assault rifle gunshots” and only used the gun to detain the individual, who was running from the scene, until police arrived.

Fetterman’s Twitter account spewed the tired leftist line of America’s “long shadow of systemic racism.” Even on a day they supposedly celebrate the end of slavery, Democrats have to remind black Americans of how they are still victims (according to the left’s racist view of them)

Users quickly called out Fetterman’s hypocrisy. Because not that long ago, he pulled a gun on a black man who was just jogging by. Fetterman, who was a mayor at the time, held the man at gunpoint until police arrived.

Oh, but we’re supposed to think Fetterman is on the side of black Americans? I guess if you use terms like “shadow of systemic racism” nobody can call you out for your own acts of racism.

America doesn’t have a racism problem. But Democrats certainly seem to have one. In large, Democrat-run cities we see the highest levels of crime against black Americans. Democrats seem to go out of their way to deprive black people of opportunity while demanding black Americans to keep voting for them.

If you’re a black American who leaves the leftist plantation, they call you a traitor. If you’re a black American who dares question the left’s narrative of black people, they try to destroy you. Never mind these are white Democrats forcing black people to believe these lies.

Fetterman’s staff can posture all they want. We know the facts. Fetterman is not a “woke” black ally. He is a man suffering from a severe stroke, woefully unqualified to be a senator.

Key Takeaways:

  • Users roasted Fetterman after a “Juneteenth” tweet.
  • People pointed out that Fetterman once pulled a gun on an unarmed black man.
  • Fetterman tried to jump on the woke bandwagon by claiming America has a “long shadow of systemic racism in America.”

Source: Daily Wire

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