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Woke Disney Suffers Their Biggest Loss Yet – This 1 Could Have a Nightmare Consequence

What’s Happening:

Disney may have lost big on their new streaming service, suffering a $1 billion loss. And they may suffer big at their parks, thanks to a cross-dressing “princess.” But one place they never lose is in the animated box office. And when all else fails, they can count on their buddies at Pixar to save them.

Until they went woke…

Pixar colluded with Disney last year to make a Buzz Lightyear film that flopped hard. Why did it fail? Because it featured a lesbian couple who was raising a child. They followed that up with a film that featured a gay teenager, which crashed and burned. This month, the released what should have been a major tent pole: an original Pixar film aimed at families and children. Guess what happened?

From Fox News:

Pixar film “Elemental,” which features the studio’s first “non-binary” character, according to a voice actor for the film, earned only $29.5 million in its opening weekend.

It was the lowest opening weekend ever for Pixar, The New York Times reported Sunday. That was despite creative direction from Pixar, one of the most famous studios in the entertainment business, and support from Disney, which owns Pixar.

Pixar never, ever lost money… until they went woke. But its latest film, which allegedly featured a “non-binary” character failed to meet even low box office expectations. But it doesn’t just seem like the non-binary character turned families off.

Trailers for “Elemental” did not seem to impress. The animation looked shockingly low quality, for a studio that pioneered CGI films. And the story seemed uninspired and heavy on the leftist virtue-signaling.

All of the originality, energy, and creativity of Pixar seems to have disappeared. Maybe it had something to do with them forcing our founding leader John Lassiter during the “Me Too” movement?

Woke movies are getting slaughtered at the summer box office this year. Americans are getting wise to Hollywood’s far-left agenda. And Disney is suffering most of all. How bad is it getting? Pixar had to fire 75 people from its studio, something that would have been unthinkable in years past.

But Disney is doing this to itself. Its executives vowed to push gay and trans content onto American families. And American families are saying, “No thanks.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Disney’s latest woke Pixar film “Elemental” bombed at the box office.
  • This comes as Disney continues to push far-left content onto Americans.
  • The film featured a “non-binary” character and pushed leftist ideology.

Source: Fox News

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