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James Woods Asks Million Dollar Question After Biden Ignores SCOTUS Ruling: “When a renegade president ignores the law, how does the government enforce the settled law?”

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Hollywood legend James Woods asked the million-dollar question after Joe Biden’s administration ignored a recent SCOTUS ruling and forgave $39 billion in student loan debt.

The U.S. Department of Education said today  it “will begin notifying more than 804,000 borrowers that they have a total of $39 billion in Federal student loans that will be automatically discharged in the coming weeks.”

“For far too long, borrowers fell through the cracks of a broken system that failed to keep accurate track of their progress towards forgiveness,” U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona said.

“Today, the Biden-Harris Administration is taking another historic step to right these wrongs and announcing $39 billion in debt relief for another 804,000 borrowers.

“By fixing past administrative failures, we are ensuring everyone gets the forgiveness they deserve, just as we have done for public servants, students who were cheated by their colleges, and borrowers with permanent disabilities, including veterans.

“This Administration will not stop fighting to level the playing field in higher education.

“The forthcoming discharges are a result of fixes implemented by the Biden-Harris Administration to ensure all borrowers have an accurate count of the number of monthly payments that qualify toward forgiveness under income-driven repayment (IDR) plans.

“These fixes are part of the Department’s commitment to address historical failures in the administration of the Federal student loan program in which qualifying payments made under IDR plans that should have moved borrowers closer to forgiveness were not accounted for.

“Borrowers are eligible for forgiveness if they have accumulated the equivalent of either 20 or 25 years of qualifying months.

“The Department will continue to identify and notify borrowers who reach the applicable forgiveness thresholds (240 or 300 qualifying monthly payments, depending on their repayment plan and type of loan) every two months until next year when all borrowers who are not yet eligible for forgiveness will have their payment counts updated.”

Enter James Woods:

“When a political scam is overturned by the Supreme Court, yet a renegade president ignores the law nonetheless, how does the government enforce the settled law?

“Can any constitutional scholar answer that question?

“I’ve often wondered how enforcement works.”

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