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Jim Jordan Catches Biden Admin With Hands In Cookie Jar: “That is frightening, has to change”

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Jim Jordan caught Joe Biden’s administration with their hands in the cookie jar when he grilled Chairperson of the Federal Trade Commission, Lina Khan today.

Jordan said: We knew they were harassing @elonmusk, but it was worse than we thought. The FTC communicated to Ernst & Young, the independent assessor, the fact finder that the FTC selected, quote, ‘Ernst & Young’ feared that the FTC would take exception if they chose to withdraw from the case.’”

“So on the one hand your harassing Twitter and then you are saying the guy we selected to be the fact finder, you better find what we want and if you try to get out of it, we’re going to retaliate against you.

“That is frightening.

“When we talk about the weaponization of government, this is from the same agency that said tell us all the journalists you are talking to.

“That’s what we’re concerned about, Miss Khan.

“That’s what has to change.

“You can comment if you want but I‘m reading from the motion filed today in court.

“Why’s Joe Biden’s FTC afraid of free speech?”

The House Judiciary Committee said: “Joe Biden’s FTC wanted Ernst & Young to punish @elonmusk’s Twitter.

“If they didn’t, Ernst & Young feared they would be retaliated against by the government.

Elon Musk said: “Insanely illegal overreach by FTC.

“FTC overreach has gone absurdly far beyond the legal mandate granted by Congress.

“Weaponization of government agencies for censorship & political machinations needs to stop.

“This platform is unique in no longer rubber stamping FISA queries.

“They must be soundly justified.”




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