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Biden Goes After Another Appliance – And This One Affects Almost Every Single American

What’s Happening:

The Biden administration wants you to sacrifice even more to meet his climate change goals. First, the new green regime attacked gas stoves and the freedom to cook in your own home as you see fit. Now Biden and gang are going after an appliance used daily by free Americans who want to stay clean.

No more inexpensive hot showers after a long day’s work. People are going to pay more for warm water in their homes so Biden can be the green president of the future.

From The Daily Wire:

The Department of Energy (DOE) announced on Friday a plan to crack down on home hot water heaters, part of a string of proposed rules from the Biden administration on appliances that critics warn will limit consumer power.

Your affordable hot water heater will be squeezed out of existence under Biden’s new rules. The administration called the plan the next stage in “unprecedented actions” to “lower energy costs for working families across the nation.”

Why do these liberal clowns believe that taking away gas water heaters and replacing them with more expensive electric heat pump water heaters will help anyone? Such a large-scale change to an essential appliance from the administration’s plan will disrupt the water heater market over the next 30 years.

Like the attack on gas stoves, this administration is forcing everyday Americans to foot the bill for climate change carbon emissions and appliance efficiency ideology. The people don’t want to bear the burden of Biden’s climate change activism and just want to be left alone.

From The Daily Wire:

“These products already exist in the free market,” Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) said. “Consumers should decide whether the upfront cost of a heat-pump water heater is worth the possible long-term savings. In many cases, the monthly savings never make up for the upfront cost of the equipment.”

Biden attacked the American home in the kitchen with gas stoves and now the whole house with water heaters. He is on a binge to force every American household to live by climate change requirements.

From The Daily Wire:

The Biden administration has finalized or proposed 18 different efficiency standards for a variety of products, DOE said. These include gas stoves, air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators, per Fox News.

Biden wants to heavily regulate – even eliminate – any part of the American home that is convenient or transfers energy. Each of these appliance changes has an open public comment period before being set in stone.

Unless people want to return to the stone age under Biden’s plans, now is the time to speak out and tell the administration to stop restricting consumer choice in a free market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden goes after important appliance in almost every American home.
  • “Unprecedented” actions work to “lower energy costs” for families.
  • Affordable hot water heaters may become a thing of the past.

Source: The Daily Wire

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