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Biden Tosses His Worst Word Salad Yet – Nobody Can Figure Out What Joe Is Trying to Say

What’s Happening:

President Joe Biden was so excited to appear before his union brothers that he pranced up to the podium Thursday intending to deliver a rousing speech about all his successes.

Instead, he puked out another “word salad” that left some of us wondering if he was about to start drooling and smudge his staff-prepared remarks. Biden’s attempts to rally union workers lined up behind him sparked more puzzled looks than applause.

Trying to decipher Biden’s mumblings has become a problem for even staunch supporters like those in labor unions. He just mucks it all up with his incoherent babbling.

From Fox News:

“I often say, and I mean this sincerely, Wall Street — good folks down there — but they didn’t build the middle class. They didn’t build America. The middle class was built by the middle class,” Biden said.

As Fox News reported, Biden fumbled one of his favorite political lines that the middle class built the American economy and “unions built the middle class.” He was standing in the middle of a pro-Biden union crowd and couldn’t deliver his signature line.

It is shocking that anyone continues to support this guy. How can people support someone who can’t consistently deliver coherent thoughts?

Biden tried to dance around his mumbling and attacked Republicans. He claimed he is a “capitalist” while denouncing economic policies of past Republican presidents. He targeted “trickle-down economics” as bad for the country while saying his “Bidenomics” are the answer for America.

But what spewed out of his mouth had people scratching their heads in disbelief.

From Fox News:

“To what everyone from Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal has become my change, my different philosophy, they, I don’t think they started off trying to be complimentary because they started calling it ‘Bidenomics,’” the president said. “And our plan is working, Bidenomics.”

Say what? Even his White House handlers and staff couldn’t respond quick enough to media inquiries to explain what in the world Biden was talking about here.

Bidenomics has been fact-checked to the point no competent person believes it is the salvation to U.S. economic woes. As an example, inflation was just above 1% when Biden took office. That jumped to above 9% in June, 2022 and, even after dropping, is still four times higher at 4%.

Biden can’t string together a competent speech so don’t expect his economic plans to help relieve the pain in Americans’ wallets.

Key Takeaways:

  • President Biden tries to impress union supporters but fumbles his words.
  • Speech to union workers turns into incoherent “word salad.”
  • Joe says “Bidenomics” is the way of the future as inflation remains high.

Source: Fox News

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