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New Hunter Evidence Breaks in D.C. – Here’s What He Needed “Dad” To Do Multiple Times


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Investigations into Hunter Biden and the financial connections he’s had with his dad continue to leak outside the beltway in Washington, D.C. More text evidence is apparently showing that Hunter needed help more than the Bidens revealed over the years.

Hunter’s lifestyle and obligations appear to be quite expensive and the person he turned to for help was his long-running public servant dad, Joe Biden. The purse strings between the two seem to have been strong as Hunter dealt with life’s financial issues.

The younger Biden described the level of requests from his dad as embarrassing as he pleaded with his dad for help. From reports the texts appear to show direct communication between Hunter and Joe.

From the Daily Caller:
“Hey dad I’ve been trying to resolve some immediate financial issues…” Hunter Biden texted his father. I’m really embarrassed to ask and I know it’s unfair of me to put you in that position right now.”

The response from his dad came through with an approval.

“Yes I’ve been trying to call you,” Joe Biden replied. “Just landed in DC call me …It’s not a problem but call me … Hunt tell me what you need.”

This was one of several communications among the two Bidens relating to financial needs of Hunter Biden. These date back several years and include requests for help with bills that appear to add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Much of this information was released by the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee as part of its investigation into the Biden family. The committee noted that there was a large number of documents substantiating testimony from IRS whistleblowers.

One text message released by the committee shows Hunter Biden describing the Biden family “brand” as his family’s “only asset” in a message to his uncle James Biden. The White House claims the documents don’t show any evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden.

Republicans in the House disagree and believe “Hunter Biden’s business was selling the Biden ‘brand’ and that access to the White House was his family’s most valuable asset,” according to Republican Missouri Rep. Jason Smith, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. The House is continuing its impeachment inquiry that is compiling all the information related to the Biden family.

Source: Daily Caller

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