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Schwarzenegger Weighs in on Top 2024 Candidate – Says He “Loves” that He’s Running for President

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Hollywood personalities have weighed into the political arena for decades. Support from Hollywood elites has shifted over the years with most leaning heavily to the left.

But just like with the economy, when things aren’t going well the extremist fire in the elites seems to cool. More moderate candidates suddenly becoming appealing.

One of the biggest blockbuster movie actors in history, and a successful politician, let the world know who he is rooting for in 2024. He’s back and he’s chatting up his favorite candidate.

In a long-ranging interview with the New York Times, according to Breitbart, Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger noted that he is thrilled to see that Robert F. Kennedy Jr is out there running for president.

From Breitbart:
“I like him, and I love that he’s out there running,” said Schwarzenegger. “I will always say great things about Bobby, because during my entire existence with the Kennedys he always treated me with respect.”

Schwarzenegger is connected to Robert Kennedy by marriage to Maria Kennedy. Schwarzenegger ran for and won the office of governor of California in 2003 after former Gov. Gray Davis was recalled and lost the office. Schwarzenegger ran for office as a Republican but turned out to be further left than many expected. He is pro-abortion, a supporter of climate change theory, and he is a staunch supporter of COVID-19 vaccines.

The former “Terminator” actor went viral during the pandemic for calling anyone not wanting to wear a mask a “schmuck” and angrily saying ““screw your freedoms” to those who said they had a right not to be forced to take a vaccine they did not trust or want.

Schwarzenegger’s political stances today don’t align tightly to most Republicans or presidential candidates. The interview with the New York Times showed Schwarzenegger allowing for more leniency to Robert Kennedy for his “conspiracy theories” compared to how he treated people’s pandemic responses.

Schwarzenegger gave rambling answers to questions about Robert Kennedy’s past and current political positions, particularly distrust of the government. Kennedy’s father, Robert F. Kennedy, and uncle, President John F. Kennedy, were assassinated.

“But a lot of things happened to him, so this is where he is coming from,” Schwarzenegger said. “I’m not saying rightfully or wrongfully. I’m just saying I can see why someone like him is the way he is.”

Schwarzenegger’s answers seem more apologetic than supportive of Robert Kennedy. Kennedy has a tough road ahead to win the Democratic presidential nomination over Joe Biden. Schwarzenegger’s star power and support is likely not enough to help Kennedy win.

Source: Breitbart

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