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Top Hospital Just Went Crazy “Woke” – You Won’t Believe Why They Want to Refuse Care

Most Americans agree that our medical system is far from perfect. But, when you need life-saving care, you can count on your local hospital. Its doctors and staff will treat you, providing what you need.

But that might not be the case for one hospital in this blue state.

One regional medical center has just announced a new slate of rules. They claim they will ensure an “inclusive environment.” But if a patient is accused of breaking these rules, they might be denied care.

From Daily Wire:
A Massachusetts hospital has implemented a policy that would conceivably deny care for a person accused of microaggressions…

In a video, Dr. Peter Smulowitz, the Chief Medical Officer at Milford Regional Medical Center, which has 149 beds, stated the hospital’s current policy…

“Everyone should expect a safe, caring, and inclusive environment in all our spaces. Our patient and visitor code of conduct helps us meet this goal. Words or actions that are disrespectful, racist, discriminatory, hostile or harassing are not welcome and will not be tolerated.”

In one of the most woke moves seen in recent years, a Massachusetts hospital announced new rules it will be forcing onto its patients. If a patient says anything that is deemed “disrespectful,” “racist,” or “discriminatory” they “are not welcome.”

This could create a scenario where patients are denied care because they’ve been accused of offending someone.

These rules appear to cover everything from “vulgar” comments to “microaggressions”—an increasingly long list of pseudo-offenses that liberals created to control speech in workplaces and schools. This also includes protections for transgender staff. A patient might be denied care over their “body language and tone of voice.”

Anyone who has been to a hospital knows that a patient might not be able to control their body language or tone of voice. Someone suffering from pain or another ailment should not be expected to follow strict, demanding rules.

These woke guidelines can easily create a situation where a staffer gets someone kicked out of the hospital for virtually nothing.

At a time when the medical industry is suffering staffing shortages and other critical problems, this appears to be the last thing needed. Such rules might drive good doctors and nurses from the industry. And it might very well discourage patients from visiting this hospital.

Source: Daily Wire

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