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Bombshell 2024 Rumor Stuns D.C. Swamp – Insiders Say This New “Plan” Is Ready to Execute

It’s no secret that Joe Biden is facing strong headwinds in his 2024 re-election plans. Many Americans feel he is too old to serve as president. Others believe he is suffering from cognitive decline—which further disqualifies him.

Previously, Democrats had talked about finding a replacement. But it seems the liberal establishment successfully fended off any real threats to Biden’s campaign.

But now, there is a rumor spreading that Biden will not be the 2024 nominee after all. While some prospective names have been floating around, one claim is that this familiar face will take over. And it’s not Kamala.

From The Blaze:
Rumors have been circulating that Michelle Obama might take Grandpa Joe’s place in the upcoming election, but thus far, that’s all we’ve had to go on — rumors…

However, the New York Post recently reported that there is indeed a plan afoot for Michelle to take over for Biden in the 2024 presidential race…

The article went on to say that “there is a plan to have Biden announce in May that he is not running and have the former first lady take the nomination without a primary vote during the Democratic National Convention in August.”

While many speculate on Biden’s ability to make it to November, a new rumor is circulating on some news sites. New York Post, which peddles in tabloid news, claims that Biden will step down and let Michelle Obama take his place.

The rumor claims that Biden will make this startling announcement in May, long after he’s secured the Democrat nomination. And, in a move that would dwarf any anti-democratic moves by Trump, Biden would hand the nomination to Michelle, who will gracefully accept.

There appears to be little evidence that this rumor is true. Biden’s health is an ongoing concern for voters. But it does not seem as if the party has any concrete plans to deal with a worst-case scenario: Biden being physically unable to run.

On top of that, Michelle Obama has given no indication that she is interested in entering politics herself. While people occasionally float the idea of a former first lady running, only Hillary Clinton has actually done it.

There is also the question of whether the party would accept such a bait-and-switch scheme. If Biden did plan to step down, he would have done it long before the primaries begin. To do anything else could plunge the party into chaos, giving the election to Trump.

Source: The Blaze

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