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Seconds After Newsom Makes Wild Biden Claim – He Gets Humiliated with 1 Brutal Fact

National media outlets have been holding up their liberal political pals for years. Recently there have been cracks in the wall of protection surrounding leftist politicians.

The liberal media at times seems to turn on politicians who praise Democrats’ efforts. Somehow these politicians believe that everything is all well and rosy in American. They ignore the reality of high inflation, crime-filled major cities, and the escalating border crisis.

One of the most flamboyant politicians in the Democratic Party is California Gov. Gavin Newsom. He was recently called out by a liberal media icon for skirting the facts about how bad things are for Joe Biden.

Newsom had just said his pal Biden was a the top of his game “the best three-year record of any modern American presidency.” That’s when ABC News host Jonathan Karl stopped him in his tracks.

From The Daily Wire:
“Except for the big thing, approval,” Karl responded. “Biden’s approval is historically low. Why is that?”

That’s when the dodge was on as Newsom effortlessly sidestepped the question, saying the last few years have been difficult. He knew Biden’s approval rating was just below 40% in recent polls, the worst since former President Jimmy Carter in 1974.

Newsom’s dodge quickly went to blaming Republicans and describing them as failures.

“The economic strategy, as this president’s put together, were all things Republicans dreamt of, but never delivered,” Newsom said. “He’s delivered.”

That economic strategy has produced record high inflation that is draining the finances and very souls of Americans. Biden has also ruled over the unprecedented collapse and danger at the southern border that has the federal government pitted against the state of Texas in a constitutional battle.

Newsom continued to spew his praises of Biden and undermine Republican efforts to stop the chaos at the border. He evoked the actions of the late President Ronald Reagan. He said Biden has put together a “comprehensive strategy” to solve border security and immigration reform and presented it to Congress.

“And (Republicans) refuse to act,” Newsom said. “They’re just promoting an agenda to disrupt and find a crowbar to put in the spokes of the wheels of the Biden administration to disrupt any progress on this because they don’t want progress, period.”

The progress that most Republicans want, based on their support of former President Donald Trump, is to toss Biden from the White House and replace him with Trump. That would leave Biden’s liberal political allies and media handlers floundering like fish out of water.

Border security would be a quickly settled issue under Trump. And then he’ll work on rebuilding the economy.

Source: The Daily Wire

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