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After Fani Willis Loses It on Live TV in Court- Legal Expert Makes 1 Stunning Prediction


You probably heard about the controversy surrounding DA Fani Willis. The Georgia county prosecutor infamously charged Trump and many others with trying to overturn the 2020 Election. But she was hit with accusations of her own when it came to light that she hired a romantic partner to work on the case.

This week, Willis and others testified during a hearing regarding this scandal. And… it did not go well for Willis.

Before she even took the stand, witnesses appeared to expose her wrongdoing. The claims against her appear to be true. And even a liberal media contributor—and FBI official—had some bad news for Willis.

From The Post Millennial:
On Thursday, defense attorney and FBI official Caroline Polisi told MSNBC that she believed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis will likely be “disqualified” from overseeing Donald Trump’s Georgia election interference case due to her improper relationship with lead prosecutor Nathan Wade…

“Don’t let the legalese fool you,” Polisi began. “This is epic. This is monumental. If things are going in the direction we think, Fani Willis lied to the court; it’s game over for her.”

After the hearing over Willis’s possible inappropriate behavior, defense attorney and FBI official Caroline Polisi dropped a bombshell. She said that it is “game over” for the Trump-indicting Democrat.

Polisi went on to say that Willis will be “disqualified” because she “lied to the court” about her relationship with Nathan Wade. According to some claims, she had a romantic relationship with the man when she hired him to work on Trump’s case.

Reports claim that she paid him more than other prosecutors, even experts in the supposed crimes. Other reports claim Wade used his high salary to take him and Willis on luxurious vacations.

Polisi said she could not “overstate” the seriousness of the situation. The accusations revolve around lying to the court and “potential financial gain on the part of Fani Willis.”

The FBI official also explained that, come what may, Willis’s “credibility is shot.” If she lied about her relationship with Wade, she might have lied about anything else she submitted to the court.

That could have tremendous implications for the trial against Trump and his allies. Trump could even get the entire thing thrown out or declared a mistrial. That will only help Trump in his other legal battles, as he will use this outcome to discredit the other cases against him.

Source: The Post Millennial

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