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‘Bed-Wetting’ Rumors Rock White House – Now Democrats Are Really Scrambling

If you were to believe the Biden White House and mainstream media, America is better than it has ever been. There’s no inflation, no recession, no invasion on the border, no crime epidemic.

And, no, Biden is not suffering from anything. In fact, he is the best person to be president!

But you cannot ignore the approval numbers, the election polls, and the continually rising prices at the grocery store. Biden has big problems—and it seems like his administration and campaign are brushing off concerns from the party. But it’s worse than anyone thought.

From Fox News:
CNN reported on Sunday that Vice President Harris has been meeting with leading Democrats for some guidance on the Biden-Harris reelection effort as some members of the party who are concerned about their chances have been feeling “sloughed off” by the White House and the president’s campaign.

“The bed-wetting complaints are running thin with people,” one person who attended a meeting with Harris told the media outlet, referring to Democrat anxiety over the 2024 election. “The West Wing and the campaign need to be better.”

Democrats are increasingly complaining about the White House’s problems. They are frustrated that the White House and Biden campaign are brushing off legitimate concerns that Biden’s failings and poor record will result in a major loss in November.

It appears the administration is unable to handle the growing number of Democrats fed up with a lack of communication and willingness to listen.

It seems this is an ongoing problem with this White House. Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s press secretary, has long ignored hard questions by reporters. She has been accused of gaslighting the country over Biden’s failures and cognitive decline.

But apparently, that kind of stonewalling has been going on within the party. The White House has dismissed the party’s “bed-wetting” complaints, seemingly trivializing what could be a major crisis.

Biden has presided over a very bad period for the country. Americans are not satisfied with the direction of the country. And what they are seeing from the Biden White House is not reassuring. They are told to just accept it and not ask questions. That will not go over well in November.

Source: Fox News

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