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Trump Gets Bad News as Latest Poll Shows Majority of Americans Oppose Presidential Immunity


As a federal court prepares to assess whether Donald Trump should be granted legal immunity for his actions post-2020 election through Jan. 6, a significant number of Americans believe he should not be shielded from prosecution for his actions as president. A slight majority also asserts that the ongoing indictments and investigations against the former president are crucial in upholding the rule of law.

According to CBS News’ recent poll, respondents were asked whether they believe “Donald Trump should be immune from criminal prosecution for actions he took while serving as president.” The results show that over 60% reject this notion, with solid majorities among Democrats and independents.

In contrast, concerning the Jan. 6 investigation and associated charges, a majority of Republicans express the opinion that Trump should be immune from criminal prosecution. This sentiment is shared by both MAGA identifiers and non-MAGA Republicans.

Presidential immunity poll. Screenshot

Presidential immunity poll. Screenshot

Additionally, a noteworthy portion of Republicans continues to perceive the indictments and investigations against Trump as an “attack” on individuals like them, with the majority characterizing them as an “unfair” attempt to impede his potential 2024 campaign. Conversely, most Democrats and independents assert that these legal actions are essential for upholding the rule of law.

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