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Baltimore Bridge Scandal Erupts – Ultra-Woke Disaster Blindsides the Left

America’s supply chain was thrown into jeopardy after a container ship destroyed a bridge in Baltimore. The ship crashed into Francis Scott Key Bridge, which collapsed into the river. Now, authorities are scrambling to remove the wreckage and come up with a solution to reopen the port and rebuild the bridge.

With the port closed, ships cannot dock. That will put a strain on the part of the U.S. supply chain that relies on that port.

As the dust settles over this crisis, details are starting to emerge. The city of Baltimore will have to play a role in fixing yet another Biden-era crisis. Now, we are learning another wrinkle in the saga. Months before this disaster, the city appointed a new person to a high role.

From Daily Wire:
Maryland Gov. Wes Moore (D) put a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consultant on the Maryland Port Commission just months before a container ship crashed into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge…

Her Ports Commission bio says she is “the Founder and CEO of Professional Development Associates, LLC. [sic] a consulting practice that provides leadership and workforce training, coaching, and diversity, equity and inclusion audits and consulting”…

According to an interview with Barber posted to the port website this January, part of her job was to bring her DEI expertise to the commission.

Baltimore hired a DEI consultant for the Maryland Port Commission in August of last year. Karenthia Barber is the founder and CEO of Professional Development Associates, LLC. This firm focuses on “diversity, equity, and inclusion audits.” Meaning, they audit companies for failing to embrace progressive DEI priorities—which could lead to lawsuits and fines.

For some reason, the governor of Maryland put this woman on the commission that oversees the state’s ports. She was specifically hired to bring “her DEI expertise” to the commission.

Call me crazy, but maybe a commission overseeing ports needs to hire… experts in ports and shipping. Why does this commission need to worry about diversity and inclusion—when it should be focusing on the safety and productivity of its ports?

We should not be surprised to find a Democrat governor putting woke priorities ahead of practical needs. With the Baltimore supply chain now in chaos, Barber’s skill set will be useless. The city needs expert engineers, with years of experience. Not to mention leaders in crisis management and recovery.

What is Barber going to do? Lecture the state on how it needs more minority representation? Is that going to fix the bridge?

You know the answer to those questions.

Source: Daily Wire

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