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Ben Carson Makes Huge 2024 Prediction – If Trump Wins, 1 Thing Will Happen

Joe Biden has used his bully pulpit from the White House to undermine freedoms and opportunities for all Americans. He has grown the federal bureaucracy to a level never seen before in American history.

The federal government has amassed extensive power and still it is broken to the point it no longer prioritizes the best interests of the citizenry. There seems to be no end to how much worse the D.C. swamp can get.

One of former President Donald Trump’s administration members and a well-respected medical professional is calling out the swamp. He believes it is time to do something about the elites in D.C. and he has a plan.

From The Daily Wire:
Ben Carson, the former neurosurgeon and Trump administration official, says that putting former President Donald Trump back in the Oval Office would be the country’s “best chance” to clear out the federal bureaucracy and replace it with something that works for the people.

“This will be the best chance to transform Washington back into something that actually works for the people,” Carson told The Daily Wire during a sit-down interview. “It’s become so polluted now. They call it a swamp but I think that’s a compliment, it’s really a cesspool.”

The depths of this smelly mess can’t be underestimated. If something isn’t done sooner than later, Biden and his bureaucratic allies will ruin the United States.

Carson called out the D.C. cesspool which is furthering the Biden administration efforts to embed leftwing ideologies, such as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), throughout the practices of the federal bureaucracy. This woke ideology is a cancer that is killing constitutional freedoms for U.S. citizens.

Carson, the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, said he has first-hand experience where bureaucrats worked to undermine Trump’s agenda while in office. Some agencies were harsher than others on employees in forcing them to deny Trump’s goals, but most worked against the president’s agenda.

“Their tendency would be to try to slow-walk things that they disagreed with,” Carson said of bureaucrats who opposed Trump.

That’s why Carson is back in the public limelight advocating for Trump’s election success this year. Trump has noted that he will takes steps to rip apart the power of the administrative state if he wins the White House.

“This is the chance to bring in people who actually believe the Constitution and understand the concept of representation and will work for the benefit of the people,” Carson said. “We need effective people if we’re going to try to save this republic.”

A key strategy Trump said he will deploy is an executive order to strip civil service employment protections from bureaucrats who have influence over the policy-making process. This would allow Trump  to fire any executive branch employee because, as he said recently, “The deep state must be brought to heel.”

Carson believes that is one of the biggest reasons leftists are terrified of a triumphant return to the White House by Trump.

“They do not want him in there, believe me, there is nothing that they won’t do to try to keep him out,” Carson said. “I think it’s almost unimaginable what they’ll do.”

Trump will have a great deal of work to do and incredibly fierce push back if he is able to bring about efforts to clean out the D.C. cesspool. As an example, intelligence agencies have pushed far-left ideologies under Biden’s watch. These are powerful agencies that wrestled against Trump during his first term.

Trump has allies already preparing for him to win the 2024 presidential election and clear a path to building an “effective conservative administration,” according to the Project 2025 Presidential Transition Project, an initiative from the Heritage Foundation.

The group is building a personnel database of people who could work in a Trump administration and carry out a conservative agenda from day one. Trump will need all the help if he takes back the White House because the cesspool will be boiling over with anger against him.

Source: The Daily Wire

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