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State Division Blindsides Hillary Clinton – Swings Her E-mail Case Huge Open

Hillary Clinton has been a slippery operator for many years—however below Trump,…

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FBI Surveillance- Malia Obama Seen Leaving Antifa Meeting In Baltimore

Since the possibility of Antifa being declared a terrorist organization has been…

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Mitt Romney Strikes Again, May Scuttle Biden, Burisma Subpoena’s And Derail Senate GOP Investigation

CNN’s Congressional reporter Manu Raju cornered Mitt Romney today and got the…

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Mitt Romney Stabs Trump In Back, Trashes POTUS Over Testing and Defends Barack Obama

“I understand the politicians are going to frame data in a way…

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John Cusack Calls for Trump to Be Removed to Save Lives, Says “Impeach Him Again”

In a pair of recent tweets, actor John Cusack blasted President Trump…

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