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Ocasio-Cortez Proposes Bill Capping Legal Voting Age at 65

The Democrats in Congress just never seem to be satisfied.  After the months of phony “impeachment” nonsense they put us all through, paid for by dipping into our social security funding, no less, now they’re dead set to cheat their way through the 2020 election.  And who better to lead the crooked bandwagon than Little Sally Socialism herself, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Cortez is the author of congressional bill OU812 which would place an upper age-limit on legal voting within the United States to 65.  After that age, no citizen would be able to register or even visit a local polling place, and all people currently above that mark would be permanently struck from the rolls immediately.  The bill is gaining momentum in the Congress and is likely to pass, and with several Republicans in the Senate already beginning to turn against the conservative movement, it stands a good chance of becoming law.  Cortez explained the reasoning behind the bill to a crowd gathered outside of her local nail-art emporium in Blumpkinville, New York:

“So, it’s like, old people – a lot of them get kind of dopey, you know?  In their minds?  They get Demen-entia.  Or that really terrible one, Wisenheimer’s.  And then they can’t make decisions very well.  That’s why we end up with a professional con man like Trump, right?  And then we have to go through all this trouble to impeach him and throw him out and fix their mistake, and it’s not fair.  So I figure it could be eliminated altogether if we just stop them from voting stupid.  They wont know.  We can like, send them little pieces of paper, and they can write ‘Trump’ on them and we can just pat their heads and tell them we’ll put it in the voting car and it’ll drive it to the voting house or whatever.  They won’t know the difference.  Everyone happy.  Okay, I have to go because I heard the new line of Hot Emoticon nail art is out and it’s SOOO delish.”

Experts agree that if the bill passes fairly soon, it will nearly destroy President Trump’s voting base and chances for re-election.  But then again, experts also agreed that Killery was going to win in 2016, isn’t that right patriots?  And you know, she basically did, but only for the grace of the electoral college, designed exactly for that reason by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Himself.  We can only hope and pray that should this bill see the light of day, God will find another way to give America the mentally handicapped President she deserves.

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