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Democrat Turns On Pelosi Over Insider Trading Accusation – The “System Is Rigged,” Says Tulsi Gabbard

News came out this week that, just before a major vote on semiconductors in the House, Pelosi’s husband invested in global chip producer Nvidia.

The government is going to give billions to this industry, just after Pelosi purchased $5 million worth of stock. She’s actually getting questions from the press on this one, but she’s not admitting anything.

From YouTube:


But it’s not just Republicans who are outraged over this move. From Fox News:

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, a onetime Democratic presidential candidate, told Fox News the allegations being bandied about are similar to what she saw while she was in the chamber.

“What we’re seeing here is the same thing that I saw when I was in Congress — is this blatant corruption being exposed in broad daylight — the system is rigged,” she said on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

After making a big deal about a bill that banned congressmen from buying stock, Pelosi’s husband goes ahead and buys millions in stock just before a major bill is voted on.

(The ban did not include families of congressmen, which allowed Paul Pelosi to do this.)

Numerous people cried foul over this suspicious move. Pelosi would have been aware of the vote. His wife could have communicated how likely the vote was.

So, with this valuable information, he went ahead and made sure he’d profit off of it.

Tulsi Gabbard, a former representative from Hawaii, blasted the move. She went after Nancy Pelosi and said, “the system is rigged.”

Pelosi had previously defended the fact lawmakers bought and sold stock, making weak references to the “free market.”

She was willing to support the bill that bans lawmakers from doing so anymore, but only because her husband could continue to do it.

But this is more than just the spouse of a lawmaker investing in some companies. The timing was far too convenient for it to be a coincidence.

You know, there is a reason Congress’ approval has been so historically terrible. And a reason Pelosi herself has an approval rivaling that of failed “president” Joe Biden.

It’s because of stuff like this. Americans see a clearly unlevel playing field. And then the Speaker defends it, pretending like nothing is wrong.

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