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Biden Press Sec Admits Border Welfare Handout – Psaki Doesn’t Deny Government Is Giving Border Jumpers Free Smartphones

There’s no way to mince words, here. Joe Biden’s policy on the border has been a disaster. He deliberately removed most of the safeguards Trump put into place. He even ended the wall project.

The result has been that millions of migrants have crossed over.

Instead of deporting them for breaking the law, Biden has been rolling out the red carpet. And his outgoing press secretary admitted—to the shock of many—what Biden is doing for them now.

From YouTube:

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed President Joe Biden is giving FREE PHONES to illegal immigrants before releasing them into the United States, during the White House press briefing on 4/6/22.

Jen Psaki (who is fleeing this White House for a cushy MSNBC job), announced to the world, “Come to America illegally and get a free smartphone!”

The White House is claiming these phones are being used by migrants to “check in” with the DHS. Okay, we believe that.

Psaki even went as far as to claim these phones will be used by Feds to “track” these border jumpers. Riiiiiight.

If Biden was so worried about what these migrants were up to in America, why let them in in the first place?

The law requires the government to remove people who cross the border without documentation. Biden has ignored this and has even spent tax dollars moving these people further into the country.

Now, he is rewarding them with free smartphones, so it will be easier for them to break the law.

We know that countless criminals, drug cartel members, and human traffickers are crossing the border. Now, they can communicate with their contacts in Mexico and beyond even easier, care of the Biden administration.

Does Psaki really think we’re that stupid? And even if the Feds are using these phones to track migrants, it won’t work.

If these border jumpers fear the government is tracking them, they’ll just throw the phones away. Literally throwing away tax dollars.

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