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Pelosi BOMBSHELL: There’s Something We’re NOT Being Told

There are so many holes in the reporting of the attack on Paul Pelosi it is mind boggling.

There are major discrepancies in the ‘official’ police report, the Federal charges and recent reporting from the liberal NBC.

There ARE video’s that are being concealed to the public which brings up the question


Even ex-Fox News star Megyn Kelly seems to have a problem with the Paul Pelosi investigation being conducted by the San Francisco PD. (And the DEEP STATE)


Anthony Smith – When a man is arrested in his underwear with Paul Pelosi and Nancy is not home, you can see how the questions start to arise.

Something Doesn’t Smell Right

Kelly stated, “I know enough to smell a rat.

“I feel like at a minimum, the SFPD has egg on its face because even under the most generous story to Paul Pelosi and to the San Francisco police, they were in the house when this guy attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer.

“I’m not sure how that happened.”

Good question!

“How do you have police officers on site and an 82-year-old gets attacked with a hammer in front of you when you have a gun as a police officer?”

She added, “It’s one of the many questions here.”

“As you point out, there are security cameras all over that house.”

“You can see them from the outside – were they turned on?”

“If not, why not? She’s the speaker of the House.”

She also commented on the bodycam footage not being publicly released yet, stating, “Let’s see it.

“Let’s see it all!”

“I don’t know what went on.”

“I know enough to smell a rat.

“There’s something going on here that they’re not telling us.”

“I just don’t know what it is.”


We recently reported that the US Capitol Police had cameras outside of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home but they were not being monitored at the time David DePape entered the residence.

The public will never be able to see the footage because the San Francisco DA is withholding all police bodycam footage, 911 calls and video from security cameras.

San Francisco DA Brooke Jenkins said she will not be releasing any footage or calls to 911 dispatchers.



God Bless.

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