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Facebook Will Remove All Trump Supporter Pages by 2021

Facebook and Instagram made the bold move recently to remove white nationalism and separatist groups from their platform. While some see this as a good start in trying to eliminate the constant spread of pure garbage, fake news, and satire that Snopes doesn’t think is funny that often inspires hate and destroys democracy, they aren’t done just yet.

An insider who used to work for the company that delivered fruit salads to Facebook’s Palo Alto location says he keeps in touch with Nancy from logistics:

“Nancy says the company will move continuously to the left until it has eliminated Donald Trump support groups altogether. She says the only place on the platform left for ‘Trumpsters’ will be liberal troll pages where they’re mocked, ridiculed, and fed confirmation bias like fish in an ever-shrinking barrel.”

Facebook hasn’t confirmed that it is looking to dump all support for President Trump from the platform, but it hasn’t denied it, either. According to Chief Algorithmist, Art Tubolls:

“We’ve learned that 99 percent of hate speech originates from people Cambridge Analytica determined to be Trump supporters. Over the next few months, their newsfeed will be transformed to messages od love and links to local psychologists who can help. We’re willing to go the extra mile for users so distraught that they’re willing to make the ultimate sacrifice — their MAGA hats.

We estimate that we can assimilate approximately 30 to 40 percent  of Trump supporters back into mainstream society.”

Tubolls says the newsfeeds of right-wing political supporters will begin to decline before they pull the trigger, banning all right-leaning news outlets — including Fox. Then they’ll delete our accounts one by one as if we never existed at all.

President Trump has vowed to stop them. Let’s pray he does.

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