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President Trump Blindsides Democrats – Threatens To Shut Down Congress So He Can Pass His Nominees

President Trump is tired of the games Congress has been playing during this crisis. Americans are suffering as liberals in D.C. fool around.

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi have been holding up funding for small businesses—in a bid to get what they want. Imagine putting politics ahead of the wellbeing of millions of Americans?

It looks like Democrats could be keeping Congress open to block Trump’s agenda. And he’s had enough.

From Fox News:

President Trump announced during a White House address Wednesday that he is considering adjourning Congress and using its absence to make political appointments…

Trump added that he has the constitutional authority to dismiss both chambers and accused Congress of failing the American people and shirking their responsibilities as elected leaders.

President Trump called out Congress for delaying needed action. He threatened to adjourn Congress so he could go ahead and make needed appointments to his staff.

While Congress keeps running pro forma, from a distance, they are not allowing the President to make appointments in their absence. And they sure won’t be voting for his appointments while things are open.

Since President Trump entered office, Democrats have worked overtime to block his America First agenda.

Even during this crisis, they refuse to put their bias aside for the good of the country.

What have we seen from the government since this pandemic started? Well, from the White House we’ve seen a task force led by Trump and Pence working around the clock.

They’ve done all they can to battle this crisis, both medically and economically.

Democrats in D.C.? Oh, they’ve been playing games, delaying needed legislation. They even refused to keep the small business loans going.

Some may argue that Trump doesn’t have the authority to shut down Congress. But Democrats have been blocking the administration for years.

Hopefully, they’ll wake up and do the right thing, before the president goes to extremes.

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