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Report: Trump Supporter Beaten, Car Destroyed by Mob Protesting Death of George Floyd in Minneapolis

Protests over the death of George Floyd escalated in a big way in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Wednesday, as activists let their fury be known that he was killed in police custody. It’s now been reported that the mob of protesters quickly became out of control, and a man who appeared to be a supporter of Donald Trump ended up being assaulted by them.

Reporter Karen Scullin of KMSP-TV was live tweeting the chaotic scene in Minneapolis yesterday, saying that the crowd of protesters grew throughout the day despite the fact that the protest was not actually set to begin until 5 p.m. She tweeted at one point that activists were trying to break into the Minneapolis Police Department’s third precinct, causing officers to fire rubber bullets as they attempted to push back the mob, which Scullin described at that time to be “not huge but very vocal and angry.”

“Emotions high…mad dads calling for a peaceful protest…another group staring down police…all is calm right now,” Scullin tweeted later in the afternoon, adding mere minutes later, “Getting bad out here, the 3rd precinct is being destroyed.”

It was after this that Scullin noticed “protestors destroying a car that says Trump on it. Driver out walking around. After taking a few punches he was helped to his smashed up vehicle and drove off with people still throwing things.”

You can watch the video below:

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