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Hillary questions how “anybody with a beating heart and a working mind” can still support Trump

The Independent reports former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke out about her 2016 presidential rival Donald Trump, calling his time in office a “failure” and questioning how anyone could still support him.

Speaking to the l. a. Times, Ms Clinton lashed out at President Donald Trump, criticising his leadership and lolcharacterising him as uncaring and incompetent.

“What has been so surprising to me is how he can barely make an attempt to rise to the occasion. i actually don’t think he can get out of his own way. Everything always has got to be about him,” Ms Clinton said.

She said Mr Trump tried to ignore the coronavirus pandemic until he was forced to deal with it, after which she claims he tried to show the pandemic response into a “daily rally.”

Regarding the murder of George Floyd and therefore the subsequent protests against police brutality and systemic racism within the US, Ms Clinton suggested she had initially hoped that Mr Trump was getting to respond sympathetically , but that it quickly became clear that wasn’t getting to be the case.

“He doesn’t have even the minor amount of empathy to fake it, to seem like he’s concerned, and he reverts to the belligerence and therefore the refore the threat-making and the photo-opping, all the tried and true tactics that feed his need for control and dominance and a spotlight ,” Ms Clinton said.

Of Mr Trump’s “photo-opping,” his appearance at St John’s Church near the White House – and therefore the tear gassing of protesters to clear the trail for the president – has become one among the various flashpoints within the George Floyd protests.

“It was beyond my comprehension. we’ve never seen anything like this,” she said. “He is without shame. it’s a mystery why anybody with a beating heart and a working mind still supports him.”

She said that despite the very fact that Mr Trump’s character was apparent during the election, even she wasn’t prepared for the degree to which the president would shuck norms.

“So much of what we’re seeing now, sadly, was known about Trump and therefore the quite people that were loyal to him. But it clothed to be even worse than what i assumed it might be,” she said. “Despite having my very own front-row seat and worrying about his character and behavior , he has gone further and broken more norms and undermined our institutions more deeply than i assumed would are possible in such a brief period of your time .”

Ms Clinton said that heading into the 2020 US election in November, she is going to be working with an organisation she began called “Onward Together” which can support the trouble to implement vote by mail throughout the US.

“The goal of the Trump campaign and therefore the Republican National Committee, which has been stated explicitly, is to prevent vote by mail because they believe – and that i think rightly – that the more people that vote, the less likely they’re to win the White House again, to stay the Senate and even be ready to dominate in state legislatures and statewide offices,” she said.

Ms Clinton said the fight for nationwide vote by mail are going to be a difficult battle for Democrats heading into November.
“If we will fight them, which is what I’m doing everything I can to support, to expand vote by mail, our chances of winning go up,” Ms Clinton said.

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