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Democrats’ Secret $82,000 Pay Raise Exposed

Greed is what motivates Democrats in Congress. They don’t serve the people. They serve themselves and get filthy rich at the taxpayer’s expense.

It’s been widely reported that the Democrats slipped a pay raise for Congress into the stimulus bill. Most of these reports have the amount of the raise between 20 and 30k. Those numbers, it turns out, are far from reality as the real total is a massive $82,000.

While it was stipulated in the document that this money must be kept secret from the public, one Republican member has come forward to reveal the truth as he could not contain his disgust. Rep. Joe Barron, from the Rhode Island District of Tatooine, is telling all, uncaring of the consequences to himself or his career.

“This was the only way the Dems would pass the bill. While Americans were wondering where they would get money to eat, fat cat politicians were financing their next homes with pay increases that they’ve done nothing to deserve.

Particular to the raise was that it had to remain confidential. Nobody was ever supposed to find out about this. But how can I keep quiet? People out there are in need and their needs are being delayed because of greed.

I’m constantly looking over my shoulder now for Hillary’s hitmen. I know they’re out there somewhere. At least I’ve done everything I can to be honest.”

Nobody would dare touch this man now that he is shown himself to be a hero to America. There will be no surprise suicides or fake accidents now that we are aware.

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