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Republicans Release Concerning Biden Video – It’s 100 Seconds Of Joe’s Greatest Stumbles And Bumbles

As time goes on, President Joe Biden’s age becomes more and more of an issue. Even a former Obama adviser said Biden is simply too old.

On top of that, an increasing percentage of Americans believe Biden shouldn’t run again in 2024. Even many Democrats are calling for a new face.

Now, Republicans Are Driving Home The Opinion That This President Isn’t Capable.

Since Biden was elected, there has been plenty of footage and videos of POTUS bumbling over words during public speeches.

He tends to lose his train of thought without aides or a teleprompter, and Biden occasionally appears confused and disoriented.

Democrats continue to claim it’s just a smear campaign on the part of the GOP, and the President is in fine working condition. Many politicos do appear concerned, however.

And this new montage is definitely turning heads:

It’s about 100 seconds of Biden stammering, stuttering, and just plain forgetting what he was saying.

Perhaps the most painful flub happens right at the start of the video, where at a press conference Biden simply falls apart:

‘The best way to get something done, if you, if you hold it near and dear to you, that you, uh, um, [would] like to be able to…’

Biden stops abruptly. ‘Anyway,’ he says, lowering his eyes…

There are other examples of Biden stopping in his speech or in replying to reporters, and staring down at the floor — seemingly lost in space.

Biden also seems prone to forgetting names and numbers, and mispronouncing certain words: he couldn’t pronounce “kleptocracy,” for example.

As 2024 inches ever closer, the vast majority of right-wing politicians and voters say Joe Biden definitely can’t go through another term. Many say he isn’t fit right now.

An increasing number of Democrats want other candidates to throw their hats into the ring as well.

But in the meantime, many are taking a closer look at the President’s mental fitness — and the evidence is starting to pile up.

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