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RGB Calls Impeachment ‘Illegal BS’


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has been a longtime opponent of President Trump and has called for his impeachment and removal many times. Throughout her recent illnesses she has vowed to stay on the bench “as long as it takes for Trump to be taken out of the White House.”

So she should be happy about this week’s decision to go ahead from the House, right? One would think so but statements she made today are surprising everyone and showing an impartiality that was not expected by anybody.

In an interview with DC newspaper, “The Washington Beguiler,” Ginsberg was straightforward and honest about what she thought:

“Yes, it’s true I am not a fan of President Trump. I find his presence in the White House to be an insult to America and I would love to see him taken out in chains.

But that impeachment was a farce. The House Democrats went ahead with an inquiry and a vote with nothing. No evidence, no real charges, nothing to warrant the whole event. I’m very disappointed in them.

I hate to say it but that whole impeachment was illegal BS. If a case like that ever appeared in my courtroom, I’d have thrown it out immediately and scolded the prosecution for wasting everyone’s time. The Democrats should possibly face consequences for their meaningless disruption of government.”

What will the liberals think of that? Even their SCOTUS hero thinks the whole thing was a sham. I, for one, can’t wait to see their reactions.

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